Massage Art LLC LogoMassage Art LLC is a privately owned and operated massage therapy practice in the heart of historic Mt. Vernon, founded on the fact that massage is a deeply and truly therapeutic healing Art. It is comparably beneficial on a spiritual and emotional level to that of musical, literary, and fine Arts but is also powerfully impactful on the physical self, much like the regular practice of martial Arts. Therefore, we as practitioners are Artists working in the medium of transformative good, helping to create masterpieces that are healthier, happier, and more whole humans, being and living well.

What sets Massage Art LLC apart from competition?

Like any form of Art, each Artist has his or her own style or flair. Musical Artists, for example, are each singing, playing an instrument, or both, but there are certainly some that are much preferred over others. We highly encourage you to experience a massage for yourself from Mssage Art LLC and make your own decision(s). Click here to read more…

Meet The Staff – Arthur Ruby Jr.

Arthur Ruby Jr.
Arthur Ruby Jr.

My name is Arthur Ruby Jr., I am a Maryland Licensed Massage Therapist. I was first introduced to the art of therapeutic massage for injuries I’d sustained in a car accident many years ago. It was that rehabilitative treatment that helped me to regain full range of motion in my neck and back. That really cultivated a passion within me to pursue it as a career. To play a crucial role in helping people to live pain free and to often, quite literally, get back on their feet really appealed to me.

Despite having graduated at the top of my class with nearly perfect attendance (from a program that demands 120 more hours of training than the state of Maryland requires to practice), I feel as though I learned the most important aspect of being a massage therapist is empathy. That can’t be taught in any classroom. Empathy can only be learned from experience.

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